This is going to sound a bit sexiest but whatever.

Don’t know why it only hit me now, I only noticed this when me and the girls were talking about boobs 

Why is it that 90% (this is a guess/estimation, no statistical proof to back this up)  of girls want big/bigger boobs? I’m just going to assume it’s for the guys attention or to feel sexy yes? But when women catch a guy staring at their boobs they will jump straight to the conclusion that he is a sleeze, pervert, horny etc etc. I mean, come on it’s not like when you catch a guy staring at your twins your going to let the guy squeeze, touch or motor boat it. 

So if your going to think like that what’s the point of wanting bigger boobs? Women are complicated creatures and this logic of theirs is very much flawed.

Unless someone can actually explain to me with a flawless argument as to why women want bigger boobs? 


I miss you and I don’t know why. Maybe it was all the good times that we shared, memories which you’ve ingrained into my mind for the rest of my life. You became such an important person in my life. I accepted the fact that you had to leave, but why did you have to leave a scar for? Why sly me out, why betray me, why assure me that you weren’t like the rest of the world, then turn around and do exactly that? I don’t even get how “humans” can have the capability to hurt one another like they mean shit.

Sure I could do what tumblr says “instead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who created them” But it’s never ever that easy to do that to someone who once meant so much to you. If there was on “off” switch, pretty sure suicide rate would decline dramatically and the world would be a better place, but it’s never going to be that easy. You can call me stupid for me holding/thinking about whatever we have left, but I never want to sink to your level, and just leave and walk away when someone needs a helping hand.

For now. I won’t make the move anymore. But….. My hand is still here, grab it if you need.